On-Site Crushing

Bringing our self-contained, portable crushing equipment to your work site eliminates the need for special infrastructure or external power sources. We can produce Iowa DOT-spec finished product for less than the cost of new material and the processed material never has to leave.

Our mobile equipment can be set up and producing within 24 hours of arrival, is capable of producing 1000 tons per day, and is equipped with magnets to sort and remove all metal from the product. 

Dumping and Loading

We accept clean, broken concrete, concrete blocks, brick, or asphalt. All product received is processed and recycled for use in many applications. 

Many contractors take advantage of our convenient location to drop off rubble and reload with our recycled product to take back to their work site.


If you need to know the weight of your load, CAP has you covered. We have a certified scale at our yard available to the public. Operated by certified weighmasters to give drivers a sense of relief while providing a reliable, accurate, and certified weight. You can expect a quick and painless experience from the moment you pull on, to the moment you pull off of our scale.